Tamara Marrington

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Tamara is an artist based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia.

Tamara’s practice pursues the unknowable through an abstract language of hazy symbols, fragments, scrawls, and disjointed letters. At the heart of Tamara’s process is an attentiveness to the meaningful coincidences encountered through painting. These revelations are felt through acts of covering and building upon the surface of the canvas. As such, each work is like a palimpsest. Swirling and scumbling brushwork hold allusions to the lived world, celestial bodies and language where meaning is able to be briefly held before dissolving once more.



2018     Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing and Printmaking), Victorian College of the Arts, Vic

Solo Exhibitions
2022   Beamers, Castlemaine Contemporary Art Space (CASPA), Vic
2021    Spiral Weed, Jewel In My Crown, Brisbane Terrace, WA   
2020   Online Viewing Room, LON Gallery, Vic
2019    ORB, FLOWER, EGG, TREE, CAT, PIGEON, Pig Melon, WA
2018    Riding Thru the Feeling, University House, Vic

Group Exhibitions

2022   Out of Bounds, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), WA
2022   As Real As It Gets, Seventh Gallery, VIC
2022   The Ultimate Symbol, Nod, WA
2021    Saplings, Stanley Street Gallery, NSW
2019    Chin Pony, Chamber Presents, Vic
2018    Great Western, The Living Museum of the West, Vic
2018    Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts, Vic
2018    Majlis Travelling Scholarship Finalists, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Vic

Fundraiser Exhibitions

2022              Cathedral Cabinent Fundraiser, Cathedral Cabinet, Vic
2022              Pig Melon’s 3rd Birthday Party, Pigmelon, WA
2019 - 20      Blindside B-SIDES, Blindside, Vic

Awards & Residencies

2021    Artist-in-residence, Fremantle Arts Centre
2018    Finalist, Majlis Travelling Scholarship
2017    Recipient of Stuart Black Drawing Memorial Scholarship


2022   ‘But sometimes it’s nice to have more questions than answers’, interview with Brit Jackson, Partial Magazine